Where did my SWEET baby go???

Within ONE week my sweet little baby has turned into a holy terror! YEP you said it WELCOME to the TERRIBLE TWOS!

She is 16MO and ::sigh:: a handful! This JUST started this week. She is addiment on staying within 2 feet of me at all times. ::grrrrr:: IF not being held that is. We had fellowship dinner tonight and I 'm not sure I got to eat. I DID make a plate of food, but I am almost posititive she got to it first.


IT IS ALMOST A SHRILL (is that a word?) is is AWFUL!!!!!!

all the time! screaming for NO reason. Out of excitement, temper, b/c she wants something.


She used to freely give mommy tisses all day long. Now she will turn her head and scream "Nooooo" that is if she isn't slapping me or throwning her back out trying to get away.

FRiday night we went to OG (Olive Garden) and she was ::BIG SIGH:: a HANDFULL to say the least. She HAD to be held. In the sling that is..then I couldn't sit down for the 30 minutes of waiting...I had to pace. Finally I remembered some mini fudge shop cookies in the bottom of the diaper bag. ahhhh! It was a mess BUT she was QUIET!

My salad didn't get in my bowl before she was screming for it. TYPICALLY i am fine giving ehr my food, but tonight MY SUGAR was low. "Eat your cookies and leave me alone"(*kidding*) I gave her the olives...then my onions...then the tomato (you know you only get two in the big bowl) finally she reached over and took the entire bowl. "EHH EHH it AIN'T happenin!!" I gave ehr her own salad in a bread plate. PROBLEM SOLVED RIGHT? NOPE. SHe was mad that mine was bigger(the only thing I could think of) so she proceeded to scream. [It wasn't bad enough to have people stare.....just bad enough to make my skin crawl, and a slight tension headache]Oh and to all of you mommas out there that I have commented on posts about lack of sleep caused by your bouncing toddlers. WELL I can officially say I am now a part of the team!

Last week I was up till 1...2...3 a.m. every night, and EVERY MORNING Kristopher gets here around 8ish...TERRI IS RIGHT THERE WITH HIM. IF not beating him. ahhhhh no sleep no sleep la la laa laaa laaa!

I have added a video of Terris new favorite thing to do. DARE DEVIL DIVING my Terri Jade.

Notice in the video how she repeats up up up up. Typically she gets up and down herself..since her pjs were snug she couldn't get her leg up. {OHH F.Y.I. our bed is a king size and its ON THE FLOOR! Me and the Hub ...uhhh...ummm..are in need of a NEW frame. OUr last one wasn't sturdy enough! ;-)} Sorry back to the baby...a.k.a. the BEAST!! NEW FAVORITE WORDS...up up ...ahhh BOOM.

You like how I laid her down and she got caught and immediately tried to lay back down. Ohh and I know you love the VS GOWN!! HA ha my girlfriend Mandie laughs if I say gown. Typically its a nighty but ya know..I'm a mom COMFORT IS EVERYTHING!

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  • Wendy said...

    Oh man!! That's way too early for the terrible two's!! GAH!! Lani IS NOT allowed to hang out with miss Terri:) No bad influences for my baby! LOL!! The video is awesome...Lani does the same thing! When we tell her no, she just smiles and does it anyway.

  • thekirnancrib said...

    what a little stinker! but soooo cute.

  • Andrea said...

    Oh no, don't tell that THIS is what I've got in store for me ain a few months! She still is cute though...terrible 2's and all. :)