Pictures of Baby Bryson w/ an UpDate!!

FIRST off I (as well as our family) want to thank everyone that is sending me emails and comments for ALL of your prayers!
There HAS been improvement! No we will not know the amount of damage until he gets older, but there are such things as miracles! God Bless!

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Too bad for Clint that I've got a new Boyfriend!!He is TOO CUTE!

Take a deep breath and prepare yourselves...for a big "AWE"!!
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just a lit'l f.y.i.....the thing on the left arm is to secure his IV. that you can see is going up around his back. Josh laughs when Bryson swats it around like he is saying "leave me alone or I'mma hit cha!"

okay so for the update....he WAS going to be allowed in the room from 7-9 BUT when they took him off his feeding tube his Blood sugar dropped. SO they were going to feed him two or three more bottles by mouth to see if it would stabilize.

BUT I did get to go to the ICU and hold him for a while. It was nice to get to see my little brother so comfortable with his new baby. Even in his fragile state.

While I held him I could see the sadness on Joshs face. He picked up Brysons (hospital issued) hat and saw the fresh blood on it. :-( It wasn't much and I was SURPRISED at how much his head had gone down. By looking at him in the pictures you can hardly tell the amount of trama that this poor thing has gone through.

I know it must be hard for them...I couldn't imagine. You would have to drag me away from him.

Soo until tomorrow...good night!

I will add pictures of Mason in the waiting room Monday night by tomorrow. CuTE pictures!!

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