When it Rains it pours!

Saturday I was at a friends house for her stepdaughters birthday.

The day went fairly well...a little hot.

Clint left and while he was gone he received a phone call from his Uncle Kelly.

His cousin Christys longtime boyfriend Rob, was in a motorcycle accident.

Clint went to CMC where Rob was airlifted and called me at 9p.m. to let me know that he had passed.

Later on he found out that after doing 7 blood transfusions Rob, who had lost his leg in the accident had died 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

I met Rob about the same time I met Christy, shortly after me and Clint started seeing each other.

I am going to be honest and write EXACTLY what I am thinking and I am not trying to offend anyone.

You see Christy is bipolar. She is on lithium and xanax to deal with everyday life. So this is like a tree falling on top of her. Its crushing her and she doesn't know how to escape.

Rob and Christy were next door neighbors before moving in together so they have known each other for a long time. This accident is tough for the family b/c honestly they never thought anyone could be with Christy for so long. He was great with her. They were with us at the beach this past labor day week. Though neither of them want kids they were great with ours.

Christy is EXTREMEly sweet, but I know that this is sending her to a major low.

When Evelyn (Clint and Christys grandmother) passed away two years ago, Christy had a verrrry hard time dealing with it. That was someone that helped raise her and was there for her whenever she was in need. BUT Rob was the one that helped her through that. They lived together, slept, ate, and breathed together. He was her other half. I am so worried for her.

She only wants Clint right now, b/c he lost his mother. I know that Terry (Clints mom that committed suicide 6 years ago) was a role model to Christy, I just pray that she doesn't go to the extreme like Terry.

I am sorry to keep on posting all of these tragedies on you guys.

But When it rains it pours! I am confident that the Lord will not put more on her than she can take and like I said with Baby Bryson, He does everything to glorify Him!

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  • Anonymous said...

    I am so sorry Elizabeth! I can't imagine what you guys must be going through right now. I'm praying for all of you. With our prayers, God will help you all through these tragedies.

  • Stam House said...

    Sometimes yes the rain keeps falling!!!! but God is never changing and that is a great comfort!

  • The Stevens Family said...

    My brother is bipolar so I know exactly what you are talking about. I will pray hard for this young woman. I am so sorry!

  • Wendy said...

    Oh Elizabeth I am so sorry for you and Clint! I hope that he is able to help Christy through all of this pain!! *hugs*

  • Andrea said...

    Awww...that is rough!! I will be praying for you guys and Christy especially! Hopefully she can make it through this okay! I know I would be devastated if something like this would happen to I can only imagine how much harder it would be for her!