Follow Your Heart-A Small Taste of The Love Dare

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WHY Is Following My Heart Not Enough?

I have been reading a book called The Love Dare. It is from the new movie Fireproof. I really want to share a portion of this book that has completely moved me.
"Whatever you pour your time, money and energy into will draw your heart."


Whats Wrong With Following My Heart?
It's Foolish. The world says "Follow your heart!" This is the philosophy of new age gurus, self-help seminars, and romantic pop songs. Because it sounds romantic and noble, its sells millions of records/books. The problem is that following your heart usually means chasing after whatever feels right at the moment whether or not it actually is right. It means throwing caution and conscience to the wind and pursuing your latest whims and desires regardless of what good logic and counsel are saying.

Proverbs 23:17 Do not let your heart envy sinners yet we struggle to "keep up with the Jones'" - or we allow our daughters to wear "what Britneys' wearing" (venting sorry) I'm sooo at fault here(self admitted sinner raising hand!!)..BUT I'm not exactly pushing the mini on my 2 year old, but nonetheless I must look at myself in the mirror each day and know the sins I commit and WHO I must answer to.

This book goes on to answer the question...

Why is Following My Heart Not Enough?
Because our hearts are so subject to CHANGE and so utterly untrustworthy, the Scriptures communicate a much stronger message than "follow your heart." The Bible instructs you to LEAD YOUR HEART. This means to take full responsibility for its condition and direction. Realize that you do have control over where you heart is. You have been given the power by GOD To take your heart off one thing and to set it on something else. {verses in the Bible that communicate a message of leading your heart: Prvbs 23:17, Prvbs 23:19, Prvbs 23:26, 1Kings 8:61, John 14:27, James 4:8, James 5:8, Ecc 10:2 ...}

in a nutshell...(for those of you reading this like what in the world? {read it twice you might "get it"} You see that new pair of shoes that just came HAVE to have LOVE them....YOU WANT NEEEEEED them...but at what cost will you go for them to be yours? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE?) I personally have to spend more time in prayer, and focusing on whats here right beside me now...tweedle dee and tweedle doo. What are you going to focus on?

(portions of this blog post were copied from "The Love Dare" written by Stephen & Alex Kendrick)

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  • Courtney said...

    I looked for that book this weekend because after watching the movie I really wanted it. I looked in two stores (that's all I had time for) and couldn't find it. My quest will continue on Saturday though.

  • RhondaLue said...

    What a fabulous post!!! I totally agree. The world is going on their whims and not on what is RIghT. Thanks for the inspiration today!