IKEA comes to Charlotte

I know I've mentioned that I have anxiety attacks. Well Saturday at IKEA is not idea in my situation. Had it not been for the overwhelming amounts of things that I fell in love with then I'm pretty sure I'd been much worse off.

First off we lucked up and got parking 4 spots from the entrance. sweeeet! Well once we got in the IKEA store we were pointed to a "childrens fun place". If you've never been to IKEA I just have to say that whoever created this classed in "fun zone" KNEW what they were doing. You can drop you child(ren) off for ONE hour. They give you a buzzer (similar to restaurant buzzers) in case of an emergency or if your just having too much fun shopping. There are height requirements, minimum 36" (and fully potty trained) and a maximum of 54". Terri was about an inch or two over, and yeah we all know fully potty trained for ages. The couple behind Clint and myself asked "is she 4?" We both kind of grinned...."no she's 2 1/2" As their jaws dropped we just said yeah we know we get it all the time. Terri has the long hair (very deceiving for her age) shes really tall (daddy is 6'4") and she speaks very well. So after giving our rugrats the boot we went up the escalator.

The whole shopping experience is much different than a typical store. You go to the showroom first look touch, even try out any and everything; then if you see something you like you get the number off the tag and then you can go and either pick it up your self or have someone get it for you. (Purchase items downstairs...a whole next floor of shopping.) CRAZY I KNOW.

Well my first mistake was that we went against traffic. How were we supposed to know? We were instantly overwhelmed. We of course started at the kids toys/playroom/furnishings. I felt bad that all I kept saying was "I wan I wan I wan" I don't think I finished the entire I WANT. I don't think my sweety minded one bit b.c he was right there beside me the entire time thinking how good this would look or that here or there in the kids rooms. NOW I understand why when you enter they have you go through the living room, office, bedding areas before the kids stuff. (Once you become a parent you will completely neglect our own needs just to make sure our children have that one thing that will keep them occupied, or that awesome new something to make their room that much cooler.)

Well...heres where the anxiety comes in...We moved out of the kids section and the traffic started. Oh boy, I felt like I was floating. NOT in a good way. I was fuzzy headed, nauseous, clammy. It was terrible.

I can't tell you how happy I was to see the exit. I love this place and will surely be going back, just NOT ON A SATURDAY! When we went to pick the kids up 10 minutes early...they were the only two kids in the place sitting at a table coloring. I was so happy they weren't the ones swinging around like crazy monkeys. Not that I would much mind, thats the point of being a kid right? I did find out that Terri took her pants off...she wanted to lay down and watch a movie on all the pillows and she hates wearing pants to sleep. :-/ OKAY so not the best scenario but at least Mason was there to rat her out I mean help her get her pants up. (The lady said she heard Mason saying "NO NO SISSY PULL YOUR PANTS UP" so she got her before she got them fully off.)

What fun!

Afterwards we went to Osaka and ate Sushi and Miso Soup....(the Hibachi steak and shrimp got packed up to come home with us.) When I say we ate Sushi YES my kids love it. Crazy huh? Mason will ask as soon as we walk in if he can have a California roll. tee hheeee...Then he ate HALF of my Philly Roll and Terri munched out the Spicy Tuna.

Can I just add that we LOVE OSAKA!

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  • RhondaLue said...

    Sorry but SUSHI?! Ewwwww.

    Moving on...

    Ikea is so wonderful and horrible all at once. It's worse than a wal-mart because while walmart also has crazy crowds and long lines they have clearly marked exits that are easily accessed! My husband and I went together a fw years ago to get our big dining table and by the time we made our way out he said not to EVER ask himj to step foot in there AGAIN! I have obliged. You need a map and a guide to help you find your way out and I think anyone could have some anxiety in that place! ACK!!

  • MAC Mom said...

    So jealous. I remember driving down 85 looking at it's construction. Wish I was there shopping. :(