Circus Act 3- whatever (end of the show)

Okay so no more individual clips....I added the entire rest of the circus in this one montage. IT TOOK TILL 5 AM for it to upload on ONETRUEMEDIA!! lol. Well at least thats when I got up and cut the computer off. So after this there should be NO more Circus posts. (so quit complaining D!) I have to remind you all that even though I love my readers (esp the ones that email me and say glad your back posting agin) but to those who are like nuff with the circus...we DON'T get the priviledge of taking our kids to do stuff like this hardly EVER. (esp. in these seats) and this blog is meant for them to look back and US to say a few suck it mmmk? lol

Ok about 20 seconds into the video you hear Mason say "Is this really happening?" The first half of the circus he thought we were at the movies. He was like mommy "REALLY? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?" So cute and I caught it on video. You can hear some of our conversations throughout the videos very sweet. EVEN while talking about those girls and their not so nice close. ew.... Terri was just sitting there with her jaw open. in shock not knowing what to do.....

**Our seats in the Time Warner Arena (check em out) were in section 105 row M seats-10, 11, 12, & 13.**

So yeah if I was a kid I would be overwhelmed too.

Here are a few snapshots of the rest of the trip....

Mason got a new clown Mason so of course we ALL had to have one!

Daddy deleted his picture. PUNK!

Mason and Daddy by the last act....

(Terri was in almost zzzz land on my lap)

Terri, Jaiden, and Mason waiting for the light rail to go by.
(we did NOT ride it today b/c it was SOOO packed.)
As soon as we got in the car Terri found her "bubbys" hat that paw-paw gave him. Since bubby rode with Jaiden its ALL HERS NOW!!

too cute!

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  • Tasha said...

    I love the clown cute. The elephants are always my fav at the circus...Such a big animal to train..its amazing.