You want my egg and cheese? NO WAY!

Go eat your pb&j!

Don't you hate that. When you get home from the store and your kids are YELLING and hOOTING and hollarin for food. *(insert exaggeration now)* So you throw them a pb& j together with some fruit on the side. ONLY to have them BEGGING for your freshly toasted egg and cheese sandwich 30 minutes later! IF only we are blessed with patience in our youth.

OF course I shared. I can't eat and have those precious moments eyes staring me down. My kids are vicious when they don't get something from me. Besides ...they know where I sleep and I have to deal with them everyday. One or two bites prevents them (Mason) from CONSTANTLY reminding me of THAT ONE TIME that I didn't give him a bite. (guilt for life!!!!)

[I thought about this as I was brushing my teeth. Funny huh?] My kids are great. Little crumb snatchers!

I'll have to keep you guys reading since I no longer have a camera. Tomorrow I will post tons of pictures from last week and the week before and PRETEND that they are current! ;-)

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