Things That Annoy Me...

The Flip Flop Mamma posted 10 things that Annoy her so I decided to steal her 10 and edit them a little!

1. Pot Holes
2. Anonymous commenters (unless they sign their name!)
3. When people talk on their cell phones while driving and then go like 30mph when the speed limit is 55 mph. (I am the master at talking and driving!)
4. When I forget to wash the blender in between uses.
5. When the FantasyMan leaves his clothes on the living room floor.
6. When I want to make pancakes and there is no baking powder.
7. Those blogs where you have to type in your name, email and web url (and it's like on 80% of blogs!!! and even if you hit "remember me" it doesn't always!)
8. When you get one of those shopping carts with the gimp wheel. Ugh!
9. When strangers tell me how small theBeast is. (really? Thank you for pointing that out to me!)
10. My dreads after I wash them and they're super frizzy for the next 2 days.


#1 DUHHH me toooo

#2 yep...or those ppl that email me personally to complain about what they don't like about my blog....HELLOOOOO....DON'T read it! :-P


#4 The blender thing not so much (I use my blender maybe once a week) BUT I do forget to wash the Gorge Foreman grill. (I use it almost EVERYDAY sometimes 2x for grilled chicken. YUM!)

#5 Clint is neurotic about putting his clothes in the washer....WHICH IS NOT ALWAYS A GOOD THING!!! uh...Clint throws his dirty (LANDSCAPER/MUDDY/GRASSY) clothes on top of my dirty lights/whites and them TURNS THEM ON. NOTE: not all our whites are so white anymore.

#6 Cereal no milk!

#7 Those blogs where you have to type in your name, email and web url (and it's like on 80% of blogs!!! and even if you hit "remember me" it doesn't always!)

# 8 UHHHH HUH!! ditto!

#9 (I'm not you know whose mommy so I OBVIOUSLY don't get that one.) Oh I can't stand it when I tell Mason (or my husband) something and 5 minutes later they are complaning that their way didn't work. DUH! MOMMY KNOWS BEST!

#10 ummm......SINCE I DON'T HAVE DREADS (but I love yours Jaymi!!!!) I will say...BLOGS THAT REQUIRE CAPTCHA [the spam thing] Not so much with 4 letters but the ones that are 12 letters (TeUpIuylu). *(LIKE ON DREAS BLOG)* Sorry I love you but yours is the wooooorst! lol. AND I ALWAYS MESS UP! grrrrrr

I do agree with Jaymi....Other than that, I'm one of those happy positive people...really.

Jaymi is the one that made the cards that I love so much off of Etsy!!

What annoys you?

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  • Chas said...

    I wholeheartedly agree with #2. I hate anonymous comments with a passion, even if they're nice just bugs me.

  • tAnYeTTa said...

    Love this list!!!!!!!!!!!
    #2--Yeah, I had an anon commenter that said not everyone has a perfect life like yours. HUH?
    Yeah, I deleted that comment. Da heck was that all about! Ugh!

    My son is 3 and he weighs 30 pounds. The comment that he's small for his age really bugs me. I mean really??? And being an obese toddler should be his goal in life?


  • Stacey said...

    It annoys me when I keep checking your blog and I see this post again... where are you? J/K, but I do miss reading your blog!

  • kids money said...

    it is normal when you have things that annoys you... but you should control yourself and take it easy