Why do children love bugs so much?

Odd title? not really huh? I mean Terri is a "girly girl" but she will sit there and watch a bug FOREVER!!! Certainly my kids aren't the only ones?

My question is this....are their any kids that don't like wiggly, creepy crawly things?

If your wondering...my daughter also likes to fall on her face. nice huh? These pictures were taken last month after coming home from my fathers house. Upon arriving home yesterday (M & T both went to PawPaws yesterday b.c I was busy vomiting all day. A stomach bug) she AGAIN fell on her face and has identical markings.

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  • Donna said...

    Awe, poor little nose=(

    My son loves bug, my daughter not so much...worms on the other hand...

  • crazy working mom said...

    My little guy loves to watch bugs but will not touch them. It's fun to watch them watch bugs! *LOL*

  • Andrea said...

    Poor lil face. It happens!

    Okay, my kids love bugs.. Especially Landen who gets them and throws them on me. Little pooper! LOL!!!! MOM YOU HAVE AN ANT ON YOU. Great.. Anyway.. one of my brothers hates bugs.. strange.

  • Lis said...

    Watching bugs = fun. Bug jumping or crawling on watcher = loud screaming.