TruFresh -- Next Day Delivery!

Having a freshly cooked seafood dinner does not always require a special trip to the grocery store! TRUFresh brand shrimp can be delivered next day delivery at your doorstep! TruFresh combines the convenience of a frozen meal with the freshness of seafood straight from the market. YES, although the shrimp is frozen, it is wonderfully crisp and its taste is of the best quality. TRUFresh products are available for purchase online and at grocery stores throughout the Northeast. Trufresh is now proud to announce the release of our Farm Raised White Shrimp in two unique marinade flavors.

The TRUFRESH frozen farm raised white shrimp comes marinated in both a Lemon Herb and Salsa Verde flavor and they are both conveniently packaged in individual vacuum sealed 6 oz. pouches, able to be cooked directly from frozen in the microwave or boil in bag. These individual vacuum sealed 6 oz. pouches contain two servings per pouch and are a great way to top rice, pasta or even a baked potato!

How I like mine?
Well I went into the kitchen and made the BEST and QUICKEST shrimp alfredo EVER the other night. WARNING: You might laugh. I took a box of Pasta Roni and cooked it (7 minutes) along with boiled the water for the TRUFresh shrimp and VOILA! I was done. Oh and a nice glass of Cabernet on the side!
Or if you prefer....just serve it right over Rice, with a veggie on the side.

At TRUFRESH their "Unique Fresh Freezing Method" has been labeled a "breakthrough in freezing technology" by retaining all the benefits of fresh seafood with the safety and convenience of frozen.
I can personally say that you will NOT REGRET this purchase!
Absolutely NO chemicals, preservatives, or antibiotics are needed because fresh-frozen shrimp do not need preservatives; the freshness is locked in during freezing!

Buy It: TRUFresh Shrimp

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