Giveaway worth $125.00 Tuesday morning!

***********START COPYING**********

WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE FOOD?? Well go to Pointless Babbling by M & Ts Mom and sign up!! She's offering one lucky reader $125.00 worth and you get it THE WEEK THE GIVEAWAY ENDS!

Its easy all she has you do is [...]
subscribe to her feeder, Tweet about the giveaway [the tiny url is], and copy this post in your blog....then email her at ...when your done and she will check them to pass out points accordingly!!

***********STOP COPYING**********

MAN that was easy huh? I love talking about myself in the third person! HA!

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  • Lilith Silvermane said...

    *blushes* Thanks! I pride myself on that. I'm not where I'd like to be, but it'll get there!

    I LOVE the um.. little swimmers that may or may not be coming to my mailbox if I win your giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed, I'll be back.

    Now I feel kinda schleppy about giving away a game for my next giveaway :)

    How did I not know you ran Simple? Hmmm.. you HAVE to be tired of seeing my name! I like to blog, it's a weakness...