I let my children watch t.v. and they are just as bright as yours!

YES you heard right. My children are intelligent, energetic(very active) little tv watchers.

Case One, Terri Jade....
2 year old female, Bug loving, Maggie watching , Oswald obsessed Diva! Does she watch tv all day? NO. Does she watch more than 30 minutes. YES. Does it bother me? NO. Should it bother you. NO. So please keep your opinions to yourself. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! ::snickering::

How could you say no to this face?

This was while she was watching Maggie one night before bed, with some dried cereal (or dried fruit..I don't remember), and Louie "helping".

I had to do some number crunching for the hubby[one of the perks of sleeping with the boss man!] and what better to occupy a toddler than Maggie and the Ferocious beast?

I have a video uploading now of my little t.v. watching *ZOMBIE*

Heres a clip that I stole from another site...shhhh..but I'm going to edit it for them....READY?

Is your child constantly watching TV? NOPE! Many parents see television as a way to keep their children occupied while they get some work done.SHOOT YEAH! Which doesn't work most of the time. TV consumes more of a child’s waking hours than any other activity. I'm sure SOME kids but generally most of the ones I know EAT and WHILE the majority of their waking hours. Do you realize that children spend about 15,000 to 30,000 hours in front of the TV by the time they are 16 years old.WHO are they surveying? Was it you? B/C I LIVED infront of the tv and I can't do enough Math to add up that much tv time and I'm 25!!! Compare this with about 11,000 hours of classroom instruction. This is how most children spend their days especially when they are off from school. Thats just sad. No really, that people publish things like this so that other countries can assume that Americans are just a lot of overweight tv dinner eating bums. :-(

On TV children are exposed to drugs, sex and violence.
Okay this is where it gets heated. B/C I'm PRETTY SURE I'm not letting Mason or Terri watch anything that isn't animated and I'm even more sure that Terri Jade won't sit 15 seconds through a commercial w.o asking for her "TOONS". Children almost seem hypnotized by the television. I know isn't she cute? If you really think about it a child that sits for long hours in front of the TV on a daily basis, can become uncommunicative. REALLY? You mean I can get her to QUIT TALKING AS WELL AS SHE DOES? hmmm.... lol It can also affect a child’s physical health, and make learning more difficult. Studies have shown that when TV is cut out or cut down many children experience less fatigue and have better attention spans. Some children even can experience a loss of appetite, headache, vomiting and irritability It can also affect their eyes, by not giving their eyes the proper exercise that they need. It also takes time away from reading, building things, talking to other people. They have a difficult time coming up with ideas or creative activities. It is very difficult for them to think anything through. They get used to things being laid out in front of them like on TV. Many teachers say that children today seem to have less imagination then they used to. Children need to communicate constantly so that they can have their questions answered, their wrong ides corrected and the right view encouraged. TV has a destructive effect on their viewpoints. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

I gave up halfway through. APPARENTLY I WATCHED TOO MUCH TELEVISION AS A CHILD. Whats hilarious to me is that I can invite Masons friend over to play and if I so much as flip past a cartoon (I like to put on the kids music channel...JUST MUSIC...or else the contemp. Christian) and let the other kid see it...(THOSE KIDS THAT THE PARENTS DON'T LET THEM watch more than 30 mintues a day) they are INSTANT ZOMBIE. Basically Mason could care less about the tv.

I hope (if you don't know me) you can pick up that I am (in most part) kidding about pacifying my children with the tv. I just think all these PHDs are taking it out of control. CALM DOWN! Besides the ones that are telling us not to let our children watch television are the ones that were raised when t.v. dinners became so popular. :-P HA!

On a serious note...get off the INTERNET and go read your kid a book! :-P

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  • crazy working mom said...

    I read to mine before I got online. :)

    My kids watch WAY too much television. But, so do I. I guess I set a horrible example. *sigh*

  • Donna said...

    My kids are smart, not overweight, and their shows are approved by me, so, I see nothing wrong with it.

  • byoc said...

    I barely control the amount of tv my kids watch. Who am I kidding? They watch as much as they want. And I have very smart, very social children. My older two have extremely high ACT scores.(Harvard, Princeton, Yale scores) Rare for kids who watched 4+ hours a day of TV?
    My kids are also very social with a lot of really good friends, active in school, church, community, charity events.
    I think it is a load of something, lol.