P.S. I love You

I cried and cried and cried some more. ALL in a good way. LIKE the type of can I have that kind of love type of crying. This man shows his wife love even after his death is beautiful and moving...and it will make you CRY!

I called my dad the day after watching it to tell him that it was coming on HBO that night. TOO LATE. He was up at 3 am watching it too. Yep I got up in the middle of the night and was channel surfing (couldn't sleep) and found this movie and ...well lets just say ADDICTED!

It starts out with a husband and wife arguing...typical. But their argument is cute and catty and it leads to the husband walking out. FOR about 5 seconds. Then when he returns they kiss and make up. So in love so sweet. Fast fwd 5 minutes into the movie to the husbands death. (sorry if you haven't seen it...but thats not the gets SO much better...the husband IS STILL IN THE MOVIE {::WINK WINK::}) He even after his death plays a major part in the movie, still till the end of the movie leading his wife to where she need to be in life.

GO RENT it...NEtFlix whatever you gotta do...I personally LOVE digital cable and DVR ;-) its saved on my tv!

The husband is played by this hunk (Same actor that plays Leonidas)....I say hunk because he's Clints favorite actor and CLINT calls him a HUNK. its a JOKE in our home. ...LOL!! why are you still READING...GO RENT THIS MOVIE GOSH!

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  • Jennifer said...

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie!!!! I watch it over and over on DVR (such a wonderful invention...On Demand is great too!) I had to go out and buy the book after watching the movie, I couldn't get enough. The book is just as good if not better. I really wanted to keep reading, even after the last page. The book is different in many ways, but that helps to make it awesome!!

  • Courtney said...

    I bought this movie for myself for mother's day last year...I love it.

    27 dresses is another good one if you haven't seen it, you won't cry, but it is soooo good too.

  • Ashley said...

    I'll have to Netflix it.

    I'm about to cut our satellite to save $ and cause my 3 yr old watches way too much TV. So just movies from now on.

  • Stam House said...

    I love Ps I love you movie!!! is was the best!