WaterHorse-Shopping Saturday!

We all went with my in laws to the Mexican restaurant, shopping, and then me and Mason went to the movies. :-D Mommy and Mason date night.

Today after shopping I got a quick picture or two of Terri in her new blue outfit. ($1.00 and its Talbots!! whoo hoooo)

So tonight we went to see The Water Horse. [We really do loooove the self timer on my camera. We can get all our poses in!]

Here is a flipshow before the movie . . .
**Click picture to view flipshow!!!**
The first picture was my favorite, then THIS ONE (LOL)...a huge gust of wind almost blew me over. I like this one alot too. Well I guess they all are pretty cute huh? Gotta love that self timer.

As far as the movies goes. I'm not telling. I will say that if you have a 5year old little boy, take him. I felt bad that so many people were going into the Golden Compass, b/c Mason really wanted to see that. I just pulled him aside and told him that the man that wrote it is an athesist and in the last movie he kills God. Mason was so against that. He said "mommy tell them people not to wet their kids see it b/c its baaaaadd" awe!

Me and My Mason give WaterHorse FOUR THUMBS UP!

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  • Drea said...

    owh i know the golden compass looked like such a cool movie... to bad they had to ruin it with such heresy! *spelling?*
    any who
    we liked waterhorse 2! caleb wont be seeing it until hes older tho cause it give him nightmares.. really would. masons a brave lil man.

    I want to go see the new dr. seuce movie with jim carey. it looks cute!

  • Andrea said...

    Awww...Terri looks adorable in her new outfit! Gotta love those $ days! And I love that pic of you and Mason where the wind almost blew you over! ha! ;)

  • Lis said...

    I took Providence to see Water Horse back in December...did you see it in a dollar theater now or something? It was a bit scary for Providence but she did like it. I can see a little boy liking it even more.