A five year old Photographer?

I'm not photogenic....AT ALL...but Mason did pretty good don't you think?

[My five year old has a camera obsession! :o) ]

*(this is his "camera" that he does his spying with.)*

Mason is wearing his jam-ies he got from MybabyPajamas a few weeks ago. (He lives in his pjs!)
I reviewed them over at Simple!!!

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  • Andrea said...


  • Drea said...

    Start him young. He could be a pro. My friend Angela (one of the girls who got me into photography back in OHIO) has an almost 4 yr old who takes pics all the time. Check out her blog.. she posted a recent photo he took of her and her husband.. hes good!

  • Stam House said...

    Wow he will make some competition for Drea later LOL Your little man did a great job!