I got a Babysitter!!!!!

Oh yes I did . . .I stole my neighbors babysitter!!!

My neighbors are youth ministers and one of the members of their church sits for them fairly often, well the temptation got the best of me.

Clint and myself have only been out once in the past 7 1/2 moths with no children.
We truly don't mind taking the kids out to dinner with us but for once NO CAR SEAT to lug around a restaurant, we got to sit in the SMOKING section (Clint was especially pleased) and we got to have an alcoholic beverage. This might not sound like much fun for most twenty somethings but when you never get "grown-up" time your brain sort of turns to a mushy substance. I kinda like to call it the "Barney" syndrome! Where Everyting is happy-happy joy joy . . .you know grown up conversations get interrupted by hey mommy or a baby hollering for attention.

Don't get me wrong
We Love Our Kids!!!

But look how happy Mason was when we got home . . .

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I don't have a picture of Terri b/c five minutes after getting home the Princess was out for the count! But Lydia was even all smile!!

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

Did I mention that he ate Jell-o and cheese for dinner? And when we got home he was munching on a chocolate chip cookie :) I did tell Lydia that he ate a good (late)lunch and that he could have what ever he wanted for dinner...Maybe there should be a little bit better guidelines laid out next time. I definitely think he took advantage of her though. That's where that BIG cheezy grin came from.

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  • Drea said...

    Woo! night out. Thats a must. Tell Clint he needs to take you out atleast once a month! if not twice. You deserve it changing poopie diapers and all.
    My new fav. dish is the tuscan chicken dish at olive garden.. its sooo yummy! I hope to go there for Valentines.. although I think Valentines is on a Wednesday... so yea we wont go out that night haha we have church. So maybe that weekend.

    Any who. Mason looks so cute.
    Glad you found a good sitter. Thats always a blessing.

  • MasonTerri said...

    That's so bizarre that you said Olive Garden, b/c that's where we went! Oh and Clint is really good about taking me out once a week. I'm not saying that the food or service is always good but we definitely have a date night! This time it just happened not to involve the babes!

  • Donna said...

    Hi Thanks for visiting Iknowiamnot alone! I am excited to have a new blog to look at!