Shame on Mother Nature

Mason, this whole Christmas has been disappointed because of the lack of snow. For Christmas last year Nana got him a pair of Spiderman snow boots (big enough to fit this year). Then this Christmas Uncle Kelly and Aunt Joyce got Terri Jade a pink snow suit. The child was bound and determined to see some snow, especially with all their new "hot" gear. I thought that the last week of January would be a great time to visit my mom, step-dad, brother, and sister in the mountains. Basically we thought that it would be the golden opportunity to visit and play.

We left on Monday afternoon and weren't planning on returning until Saturday. When we got there my mom informed me of Daniels wrestling competition on Saturday. (By the way he finished 1st in his division and the kid didn't even have to break a sweat.) So of course by the time Saturday had rolled around and there had been no snow Mason was a little disappointed but with all the fun he was having he really didn't care. Ohh yeah if you need a good baby sitter and your in the North Buncombe area you must look up my lil' brother or my lil' sisters boyfriend. They managed to keep this 4-year old occupied nearly the entire time!! I know what an accomplishment!!

So Sunday morning being of sound state and mind I ride with my mom to her friends house to pick up a load of wood, 15 minutes in to this drive and I'm ready to go home. I swear the town that we had to drive through was like freakin' Deliverance (the 1970s movie). Any who we get going up thru the mountains and the snow (yes of course it's snowing here)is so thick that we have to pull over to let all the "Jeff Gordons" drive by. By time we get back two hours later:( my little "icicle" was having so much fun with his uncle Daniel that I figured we could give it one more day. So I go call Daddy (he's really starting to miss the us now.), he understands. From 8p.m. until 10p.m. we got 2 1/2 to 3 inches of snow. Monday morning we wake up and EVERYTHING is covered, Snowed In. I let Mason play for a few hours and then back to Charlotte we go. I have to add that driving with a four year old and a 7 month old has to be a very planned trip!! As soon as we get on the highway little miss sunshine has a mini explosion. (Add 15 minutes to a two and a half hour drive). Whoops there's a McDonald's, we have to stop. Okay back on the road again. When we get back to Charlotte the first thing that Nana tells us is that were gonna get snow here. Yeah Right!

A week later on February 1st, I glance out the window and I'll be darned if it isn't snow. Thanks Mother Nature!!!

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  • Drea said...

    Well Im glad Mason got to see some snow! He'd love it here :-) He'd get sick of snow probably. As I type this its snowing actually... we've had snow on the ground for a few weeks now.
    Last winter we had snow on the ground from Nov. - March... yea thats crazy.

    This winter not as much... but enough for me :-)
    Bad thing is that its to cold to play in it right now. Last night it was like -2. They have closed schools in our town the past two days due to cold temps... because a lot of kids walk to school and have to wait on buses... cant do that in negative temps!