Inspired to Babble

A Cowboys Wife inspired me with her be entered for THIS giveaway all you had to do was go on THIS post


"Leave a comment telling me what some of your favorite things are."

SOOO I proceeded....
favorite things? LOVE talking about myself. HA (no clicking and opening new tabs is a MAJOR plus in Bloggy Carnival!) k here favorite things are my watching them dance, watching them be free and play in the dirt and just be silly. I love the power of prayer. photography. family. my DOG. my daddy. (YEP daddies girl going on 26 years strong! whoot whooot!) bare back riding. chasing chickens for no reason but just to hear my kids squeal with excitement. riding motorcycles. dirtbikes. 4 wheelin and being able to do it better than most guys I know. mud boggin(ONLY if I'm driving). scrapbooking for HOURS on end. I love that I can dig in the dirt and know that what I put in will flourish and blossom! MY MAN- he can captivate ppl when we walk in a room by his mere presence. how outspoken I am. I love that my father taught me to stand up for others and never back down. laying out while blasting old music in my ipod. snowboarding. skiing. drinking a beer and eat fried chicken and not worry about where it goes. I love that I know how to fry a chicken.

I love that I know who I am and how I got here and these are some of my favorite things.

I added a few random pictures..I guess I could blog about some of these pictures huh? Like the gun pictures where taken a few days after Christmas. I got the privilege scare of a lifetime of teaching my best friend SUPER girly girl (along with her Marine fiances arsenal of guns) how to shoot a weapon.

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  • RhondaLue said...

    I love reading this post! So great. And youreevery mans dream with a gun in your hands that you know how to use!

    You go girl!

  • Ashley said...

    Hilarious pics! You've got a great sense of humor!

    Being able to shoot a gun and kick it with the guys is a pretty good feeling. I miss doing stuff like that. I've been pregnant or with a newborn too dang long.