We're THEIVES!!!!!!

okay so I'm kidding we didn't steal it. But we did go to Paw-paw Dougs house and totally con him out of this super cool lamp. You can use it as a regular lamp OR you can switch it to night light and the headlight on the bike turns on with a lite led light that comes on. OHHH yeah when you turn on the lamp the baffles RUMBLE (like a REAL Harley) for the first few seconds. My children are THRILLED!

For those of you that don't know my Father in Law is some what of a entrepreneur; he owns a printing company, he paints motorcycles (custom chopper OR anything INCLUDING our mailbox!), does general contracting. The man is all over the place! So we go to his house and he ALWAYS has the (best) newest toys. He is constantly meeting new ppl and it totally trips me out that he comes home with the most wicked outlandish stuff. INCLUDING THIS AWESOME LAMP!!!!!

Now....given his Paint shop (attached to his garage and carport) is lined up with mini motorcycles and has an overall Harley theme...I REALLY hated to take this off his hands but ...well...IT WAS CLINTS IDEA!! Besides we don't want dust and overspray getting all over it!

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