A LONG overdue dinner date with my dad

Yep! I got him out of the house! For those of you that don't know, my father is a hermit. I'm talking leaves for groceries and take out type of hermit. Straight out and RIGHT BACK IN the house he goes. I think the last time he and myself got out of the house was more than 5 years ago. Mason was an infant.

So its long overdue yes, but the conversation was inevitable. Happy Birthday was the reason to get out (mine) but we had to "talk". Sooner or later you have to sit your PARENT down and ask...."what do you want me to do when you die?" Not a conversation I've wanted to have but again...inevitable. :-/ EEEEK! My father might not look like it but he is tough. I'm talkin...biker daddy from way back, long ponytail (until about 2 years ago) tattoo'd up, budweiser drankin, winston smokin...don't say something your gonna regret type of daddy. WHY MEE? Why can't my big brother have this talk with him? WHY ME? oh yeah thats right....I'm here....

I pumped myself up before we ate...I'm talking completely pshyc'd myself out....then ordered him a beer then me one. Let him vent for a while and then I said daddy I love you...what do you want me to do when you die. {[sometimes its easier to just RIP THE BANDAID OFF!!]}

his response? "idk...but me in a cremate me ...and send me up the river"

"WHAT? what river?" ****IT daddy I'm being serious!!!

oh I don't care....I'll be dead. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! So thats how it went. lol

I did get him to agree to make a will and a power of attorney and yaddi yaddi yahh but we'll see if it takes him another 5 years to get out of the house for that.

**The reason I worry about my father is not only because he is poor health now, but I see him getting worse everyday. I know hes had some minor heart attacks along with his back and the doctor telling him a month ago that inphazema has already set in. :-( so ... an idea of what river would be nice!**

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