Flowers DO make you feel better!

Or is it just that it means that your spouse is home so he can FINALLY TAKE THE KIDS OFF MY BACK SO I CAN SIT DOWN?

teee hee

So Kristoper was picked up two hours late yesterday. I reeeeeaaaaaallllllllllllly wanted to sleep from 4-whenever Katherines dad came to pick her up. BUT I guess I didn't really need to. I made it till 10 last night. My sweet hubby thought of me on his way home and brought me some pretty flowers. THEY SMELL SO OOOO OOOO good! :-D I guess I'm not very generic. I don't like roses, they aren't ever really fragrant enough. LOOK HERE>>>>IF your gonna sit in a vase and die on my table you better smell good doing it! :-P lol I'm kidding but I really do love plants. If I ever get hospitalized don't send me flowers. Send me a plant. Something that is rooted and will last more than 3 days! I have plants alllll over my house. I just got Terri a new pink pot to add to her room with some English Ivy. I think it will be niiiiice!

Oh back to the point. FLOWERS DO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER! I think as soon as my eyes opened I felt better. I had JUST fallen alseep when Clint got home last night. (from 4 WHEELING when he should've been home taking care of ME!! I'm really pretty sure the reason I felt better was just the fact that IF the kids were to get up I could let daddy deal with it. I was D O N E! I went to sleep sitting straight up in a chair. Not really any sleep this weekend at Johnny and Christals house and then in pain the past few days. UGH!!!!

I woke up at 6 am (Kristophers mommy called have a CONVERSATION instead of just getting to the point.) and didn't want to go back to sleep. I took a walk, which was nice in the warm morning misty rain. :-) I came back in and after Kristopher got here I decided to write out bills and clean out the fridge. Quite the productive morning. I hate that Clint (blame it on him since he has always been one) has turned me into a night owl. Going to bed at 10 is sooo much better than 1 or 2. I just have the hardest time forcing my body to sleep.

Now I'm going to go smell my pretty flowers and get to bed with my book! :-D

tomorrow I'll have to tell you about the SUPER sale I just hit!!!! :-P

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