Still no nap.

Kelly is over an hour late picking up her son. Mason just left to go to paw-paws and I have Katherine and Keziah ready to take on the chore of Terri. Oh what a chore.

I took 2 pain pills at 3:45 after picking up Katherine. (Keziah watched the kids so they didn't have to ride with me on all these meds.) I am nauseated and TIRED! WHERE IS KELLY? ahhhhhh!!!

She does have an excuse. Her breaks went out on her car and her dad is carrying her to and from work today and tomorrow.

I just want a freaking nap!

I did manage to make Miss Katherine a cake for her 15th birthday! :-D (I'm asking for exhaustion!)

Happy 15th!~

I thought this was a cute picture of Kristopher and Terri Jade. . . .

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