Dollar Dayz!!

I live in a small town next to a really big town. Perks definitely!

One of which is the local consignment store. I went in last night and got everything for a dollar! ONE DOLLAR for a dress. One dollar for pants. shoes. shirts. everything. Whats even better than a dollar is that I had 22 dollars on my account! So I only had to pay 8 dollars for everything! :-D

Click to enlarge the pictures! :-D
I feel really bad that I come home with all this stuff for Terri and really nothing for Mason. Thats just the way it is. I think theres more stuff for girls b.c little boys wear their stuff out so quickly.

Most of what I got was Old Navy, Gap, Carter, some Talbots, Stride Rite...and other nice name brands. I got a top and a bottom that had the original tags on it from the clothing company "Big Enough". I've never heard of them but the tag said 40.00 originally for the pants and 30.00 for the top. Thats alot for a kids shirt and pants. :-/ $1.00 sounds better! :-)

Click so you can see. YES I got a snow suit for a buck! Which is perfect b/c my mom lives in Ashville. I can send it to my friend Wendy for her little girl NEXT year. Even though shes the same age as Terri I think she is much much smaller. :-) So she can wear it when she's 4!

This one outfit is my favvvvv. It matches this little top that I have for the spring! :-D TWINS!

The pink dress with the hearts, is 100% casemere! for a dollar. TOO CUTE (and soft!)

A strawberry shortcake hat. (for my little strawberrry blonde!)

A CUTE little spring outfit.

A black Christmas dress (that I didn't realize was a 4T) for NEXT year.

A black pair of stride rites for Kristopher. :-)

and THIS OUTFIT was bought for Clints Aunt Patty who is a fashionistaaa, I KNOW she's gonna melt everyone in this. :-S


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  • Chas said...

    I love consignment sales. I end up buying way too much every time I go.

  • Wendy said...

    Great finds:) Lani has that same plaid dress in the first collage. She was going to wear it for Christmas, but I couldn't find a cute enough turtle neck to wear under it. At this rate, she may be able to wear it again next year. LOL!! Isn't it fun to get some great deals!!

  • VICTORIA said...

    We have a few CS around here. I find great stuff! In fact, I got Beau's easter shoes, new, for 1/3 price of tag, real leather too.
    And, I always find tons of gymboree at one of the stores here. I got a great GAP denim jacket for Beau too, on CS credit I had shopping CS.