Busy Busy day!!!!

I told Drea I would blog about my busy busy day! Lets see if I can beat her! ;-P

Lets see....
7:15 wake up, shower (get dressed, teeth etc.)
start breakfast

8:00 Kristopher arrives....
8:15 Terri wakes up (GRRRRRR)
Feed the kids
Clean up most of the mess
9:00 START writing out bills/balancing finances. {LOVE THOSE TELETUBBIES~!}
9:10 STOP writing bills and get Mason UP!~(this took no time this morning!)
9:15 start up masons VTech (he got in trouble and today was the first day he could use it in 2 WEEKS!)
. . . .around 10ish I get to actually DRINK IT!
I had to deal with our cable company....AGAIN! WE have had serious CABLE/INTERNET/PHONE problems!!!!

I can go through all the little details but I won't I'll get to the INSANE day OUT!~~~~~~~~~~~~>
11:00 LEAVE the house for Dr. office. (the appt. was @11:20 and we live 20 minutes away! HA )

Stopped by gas station to get water and gas....and gummie worms!!!!!
WE LOVE GUMMIES! (I don't but the KIDS DO! :-P)

Look how happy we were when we got there!

Those kids LOOOOOOVE gummies!
LOOK at Terris face! HA

MASONS WART had to be FROZEN OFF!!!! The kids pediatrician is at least 7 month preggers. MASON WAS KICKING the whole time! I had to lay on my son to avoid him kicking this baby (too much). She "warned me" that it would be bad. I didn't realize how much it actually hurts till my 5 YO took a CHUNK of skin out of the back of my arm!!


So of course I bribed him to stop screaming....McDonalds it IS!

Tell me why my 5YO dips his APPLES IN KETCHUP? EWWW
Those darn commercials!

After McDonald we did the trip to Sally beauty supply for some velcro rollers (for me :-D)

After that we shot over to the consignment store for either a new dress for Terri or a new shirt for Mason. They HAVE to have coordinating outfits for their pictures. I ended up getting NEW SHOX for Terri ($3!!!) {HOW CUTE her widdle feet are!} 2 new dresses, and a new suit for Mason ($12!!!) YAY for Mommy!!!! Too bad I can't find Masons other black dress shoe.

1:45 The post office to mail a package...

2:20 Went by to pay insurance

2:35 Got home I put both the kids to bed and went outside to play with Mason in his clubhouse (behind Deuce)

THEN . . .I had to wash some clothes....then I came inside and had some devotional time and Mason colored in his coloring books.

THEN....IDK....I went insane! LOL No Mason got on Sesame street {dot}com

Clint got home with Josh,OUR best friend(he is the most caring and thoughtful friend anyone could ever ask for!) and WOKE up the Beast(Terri)....THEN they showed me what they have been doing to her while I am not around.


Terri really seemed to enjoy it! Hey WHAT can I say I got to lay on the couch for 5 minutes!

YES My daughter has on a disposable! She had wet cloth and I HAD TOO! I REALLY NEED to do diapers!

Clint really LOVES it when Terri lets him snuggle up. She hasn't quite hit that "daddys girl stage"

I HAD to have the kids try out the clothes they would wear tomorrow for their pictures! (WHOOPIE pictures!)

HERE is a picture of the kids in their outfits...
jumped on the computer for 5 minutes to check emails, etc.

Oh yeah I started Supper, took the kids out to swing. ALL THREE OF THEM

6:00 Kristophers Paw Paw came to get him....MORE swinging.....

6:20 Hide n go seek with the neighbors kids.....

6:30 eat....clean up

7:00 - 7:45 WHO KNOWS I SERIOUSLY LOST 45 MINUTES!! lol, no really!

7:45 bath time

realize that our daughter peed in our bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOO I started the clothes....Mason is playing with his KneX (review to come! ;-)) and I am uploading pictures from the nutcracker at church yesterday. Ohh and I need to blog and review the KneX! YAY FOR BUSY BUSY MAMMAS!!!!!!!

BEAT THAT Drea!::chuckling::

3 kids ....7 TRIPS OUT of the car (not counting the in and out at the house!) gas station, dr.office, mcdonalds, sally, consignment store, post office, insurance....

NOW I must go get the PEE OFF MY HUBBIES SIDE OF THE BED before he gets home (Christmas shopping with Josh)

Then I need to pick up the LR, Kitchen, Mason room and the bathroom.

THEN its the review! :-D and then maybe editing those nutcracker pictures!

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  • Wendy said...

    You call that busy? WHATEVER! LOL!! I hope this is the end to Mason's wart problem. Lani loved to watch Terri fly:) WEEEEEE!!!! I love her shirt. Lani has the brown eyed one! PLEASE move to NH!! You can be my maid since you love to clean so much....hee!!

  • mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

    WAIT! I NEVER said I LIKE to clean! My hubby is OCD!!!!! lol

    NO you move to NC!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drea said...

    I got you beat.
    i didnt even have to bribe my kids..

    well.. yeah i did bribe caleb with dark chocolate... i guess i loose :-(

    but I did finish a lot! hehe
    the wart thing makes me cringe.. poor mason!

  • Jessie said...

    Wow, what a day! Good luck at your pictures - I can't wait to see them up on your blog. I seriously bribe my girls with M&M's to try and get them to even look at my camera anymore :)
    Take care mama!

  • Anonymous said...

    Wow you are one busy mama!! Loved the video of Terri flying. lol

  • Crazy Working Mom said...

    Whew! This post made me sleepy...whadda day girlfriend. :)

    I loved the airborne child video. Too cute.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom