Update on Terris HFAM and some bug guts on Masons toes!

Its gone but the ear infection isn't! Terri will go to the pediatrician tomorrow for a check up on that ear. Mason also has an appointment for his wart. YES I said "appointment for his wart"!!! He has a HUGE planters wart in between his last two toes. I have been applying this SMELLY stuff {salicylic acid} on there but for the past two/three weeks I have just been pealing off skin...NO WART! GAH! Can I get some duct tape PLEASE?? ::grumbles:: SO I guess the next option is beetle guts!?!? LOL! Don't ask...I have NO clue, I'm going to talk to his pediatrician....then a dermatologist! YIPPIE! One of the homeschool moms at church has a daughter that HAD warts problems...she said it stinks [literately smells bad] but it only takes one application. I am SOO getting bug guts on my kids toes!

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  • Andrea said...

    hehe...good luck with the beetle guts! Hopefully they at least work after you have to bear the smell of them and all!

  • Anonymous said...

    I'm so glad you're back... I missed you. Good luck at the appointments.