Tired Thursday

I am NOT used to getting up before 8 am, so needless to say, I'm tired. Not exhausted but tired.

Not much to blog about....Terri and baby Kristopher aren't exactly on the same level. Terri self soothes(my independent woman) and Kristopher is more needy(Mason was the same way), which is fine b/c it gives me the opportunity to be cuddly. I gotmy first chance to wear him today in my moby. I'm Sorry I didn't get a picture. :-( HE seemed to really enjoy being so close to me. He laid with his head on my chest...sweet baby!! He is so kissable. Ohh did I mention that he is teething? GREAT! :-) I think the moby helped.

I did cook a spaghetti dinner tonight for my family and my pastors family. ::scratching head:: how many people did I feed today? WOW!! alot! Pastor Michael and his wife Lindie have 5 BEAUTIFUL little girls, and Lindies mother is visiting from South Africa. So that makes 8 right there. Plus Mason and myself ate with them. (Clint and his buddy took Terri to Wally World) It was really nice going to eat with them. Michael did all of the cleaning up and then he played some south African folk (?) music. Really neat! Then gave the girls baths etc...

Ohh Mason got nerds at the gas THAT blog-worthy? No? Okay

Ohhh listen to the words of my SWEET lit'l guy. This morning when Mason woke up he looked at Kristopher
(I have a playpen in Masons room I left up for him to nap in) and said "Awe wook at his chubby widdle cheeks isn't he so cute? He wooks wike winnie Ah Pooh"

HOW SWEET IS THAT???? Oh and if your wondering...after I feed Kristopher in the morning he goes down for a nap and gets up the same time as Mason. Or well he wakes Mason up which is fine for me! ;-)

What's your clutter personality?

HERE is a quiz I found on the Clutter Control Freaks blog.

My score is 23, Which means I'm a borderline Felix whoever. I guess the quiz isn't all that accurate b/c it hasn't looked in my "HOT SPOTS"

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  • Jessie said...

    I am Rosanne *blush* but in my defense Matt is the packrat of the family and I am forced to clean around his stuff. Someday I will call that show on TLC (can't remember the name) on him and THEY can come and straighted and organize our lives :) Glad you had a nice dinner - good for you for cooking it mama!

  • Stam House said...

    babysiing is very tirering!!! nice post, you go girl feeding all those poeple!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    Way to go with feeding all those people!!! Have a great weekend!

  • Wendy said...

    Mason is so sweet:) I hope things are still going good with Kristopher!