My kids are Trespassers!!

Yep! They can't seem to stay out of my neighbors yard! I had to take an important phone call today, so I wouldn't wake Kristopher up I stepped outside with Terri. NOTE: She was still in her jammies at noon! So I am yapping away with the insurance man and Terri is vrooming a car around under my feet when my neighbor Donna goes by. Terri dropped that car and RAN! She wanted to go see HER Ms. Donna!

About the time Kristopher wakes up and has his snack Terri is yelling OUT OUT! SO . . .we go out. Where does Mason head? Nic Nics (Donnas son)house! Okay so I guess where gonna go over there!

I had 3 kids to start, then Donnas 4 come outside....Then 2 more come from up the street, then a stragler gets home a little late and runs down. 10 kids out of no where!

Mason rode NicNics old tricycle, Terri and Kristopher rode *(got pushed in)* Nic Nics power wheels! You'd think that Mason would wanna ride his new bike, or that the Gator would be fun, you know the ONE I HAVE AT OUR HOUSE. NOPE...the little trespassers love the Ms!

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  • Wendy said...

    Funny...we live on a small dead end road so we are always in each others yards:) One reason why I love it here. The kids love to sled here right now.