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I left Terri with Katherine tonight when I took Mason to T-ball practice/pictures. No big deal right? Daddys not home from lets leave the baby [asleep] with a sitter.

This somehow turned into a BAD IDEA!!!! I laid Terri down around 5:00 for a nap. Sometimes she sleeps for 30 minutes. Well I left at 5:45. . .

I return at 7:30 to find Terri STILL ASLEEP!!! NOOoooOOOoo


I got her up and well all you parents know how your kids get when they get too much sleep, right?


She not only didn't want to be set down, she also ONLY wanted to be on my right hip (not the left) she also had to be rocked in a 45 degree angle. lol

Oh and I dare NOT stop pacing WHILE rocking. LOL!!!!

I'm laughing now. Last night was a different story. She FINALLY went to sleep at 11:30. ONLY to wake up again at 2:30 A.M. SCREAMING for me. She woke the whole house up. Then she was in FULL PLAY MODE. grrrrr!!!

I got her to go back down at 4 (YES 4 AM) and she was BACK up at 6 A.M.....

I kept her up till 7:00 when Kristopher got here, fed them both and then put them both back down.

I am now sitting here.... ::big sigh::

NO way I'm laying back down. I will feel like crap if I do. Maybe MORE coffee...

Oh wait Mandies bringing TRISTAN OVER TODAY SO I CAN BABYSIT HIM TOO>.....

ahhhh the joy!


**UPDATE on today**

Tristan (my friend Mandies youngest son) is TYPICALLY a very mommy clingy boy. VERY! I keep him on Monday and Wednesday nights while she is in her night classes. (with or without her older two sons as well) Tristan has a thing of crying so hard when she leaves that he stops breathing. ::BIG SIGH:: She doesn't help the situation b/c well, she babies him. lol Her youngest what do you expect?

This morning when she dropped him off I prepared for the worst. With my lack of sleep I don't know how much screaming I can take. Don't get me wrong, Tristan loves me. His mommy is the first to admit that I am the ONLY person that he will kiss. He just kinda looks at her and wait to be kissed. But I get FULL PUCKED BABY LIPS! yay! [I guess I taught him this when he stayed with me for four days...while mommy and daddy slipped off to the beach last year.]

He cried for 2 minutes until she pulled out of the driveway and was an angel the rest of the day.

NOW my little butterbean....KRISTOPHER....thats another story. He is the most well behaved child I have ever been around. He isn't the brightest (walking into walls and such) but if you ask him to pick up a toy and put it up he will, or to lay down and take a nap (he'll lay WHERE EVER YOU PUT HIM and not move) he does soooo good for me.

BUT TODAY....he was OBVIOUSLY having a bad day. Wait no. WORSE. A I haven't had any sleep and someone needs to give me a paci and change a diaper and give me 32 scoops of ice cream to keep my happy day. SOO BAD!

At lunch he took his plate in his hand and FRISBEE THREW IT!! OMyGosh no you didn't! Before I could go over and pop his hand (I am friends w/ his mom too) he picked up his sippie cup and chucked it too. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kristopher I have had no sleep....please be my sweeet lit'l helper PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! "

I simply set him on the ground and told him that he needed to pick up the plate. NOPE! He wasn't having it. He just sat there and looked at me like "ay you ...your the one gettin paid YOU DO IT!"


His mom tells me that he throws fits all the time and doesn't mind her. I thought she was on something. I'm constantly telling her that either she is picking up the wrong child (HE IS THE ONLY ONE I KEEP) or else he is the next "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"!!!

After they napped (Kristopher on Masons bed and TERRI AND TRISTAN watched a movie in her crib.) I took them all (Mason so kindly assisting)out for a nice long walk and back inside for some dancing time. :-)

Can I just say that I'm soo soo very very glad that todays almost over!


Terri Jade, Tristan, and 3 stooges!

(I have more pictures I'll post later in the week!)

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