Mad Mondays.

No I'm not MAD but its pretty crazy around here. Today is my first day with baby Kristopher. Lets just say, (HEY Kelly) his mom gave me the most detailed instructions ever. He wasn't sure of where he was or who all these people were, but I DO know that he LOVES to be carried. MY POOR BACK! Watch Terri will start to walk today and now I have another baby to antipate walking wooo hooo. The only difference is that TERRI weighs 22 (?)lbs and Kristopher is a SOLID 26 (?)!!! Of course I'm guessing, but he is definitely heavier than her. I need to get him used to being on the FLOOR! I do shampoo OFTEN so he should be fine. I put Deuce outside, and stuck Louie in our room for the first half hour. His mom said he was used to dogs but I didn't want him to get overwhelmed.

Ohh side note...I blogged HERE YESTERDAY. So I' hoping you'll go over and leave a comment for her!!

Well thats about it for now. I'll update later! I need to straighten up while he naps and get some clothes folded!! I also need to call his mommy to see if I can post his picture. I also need to find my recently misplaced camera!


He really IS that cute in person!

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  • Stam House said...

    so how is you back now

  • Wendy said...
  old is this boy?!? Lani is only 18 pounds still! Such a peanut...if only she ate!! See Terri may not walk but atleast she eats and sleeps!! Those are so much better for her than walking:o)

    I hope everything went well with him today. It can be hard adding another little one into an already crazy schedule. This would be why my house isn't ever neat. I keep it clean, just not always picked up. I also buy extra underwear for everyone since that is what we all runout of when I can't get to the laundry for a few days! HEE!!