Stubborn Man Contest.....HIP Hip hooorray

My father broke his back in 1990. He raised both myself and my two brothers without the help of a mother. He did however have my grandparents.

He has had several back operations and a hip replacement and he is only 46 years old.

He is such a honest hard working DEVOTED father. I hate to see him in so much pain.

He is scheduled to have another back operation, which he KEEPS putting off.

He knows that this will lead to paralysis of his lower body. But will subside the pain. Apparently something he isn't ready to commit too.

I love him I just wish he wasn't so stubborn.

He is a strong believer. I'm glad for this.

I always tease him that I'm going to enter him into the stubborn man contest.....

Too bad his back is so bad, he couldn't probably get there is there was one!

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