Coming Soon. . .

Coming soon to this blog. . .General Hospital updates!!!!

I have watched it on and off (mostly on! Especially during Pregnancies and maternity leave.)
Well I have been promising someone that I would give her an update!! Well of course I FORGOT AGAIN LAST NIGHT!!! SOooSORRY! I said I'd have her a full update on Monday. Ohh dear Lord I hope my husband doesn't see this he'll think all I do is eat bonbons and watch soaps and BLOG!!!
Nope he knows my soap schedule! Wake up shower, coffee daily devotional (before soaps!!) then Its a lil SOAP NET (9am) Ohhh don't get me wrong I'm usually not on this routine. . .this is just my ideal morning. Sometimes I skip the shower and coffee and go straight to the couch. (Bible FIRST!) Then GH!!

So here goes. . .Geez where do I start?

(Crap CLint just called and said he's on his way home) In other words Gottta go pick up some stuff!!!!! :-D te he he The "Daddies on his way home rush" (Basically picking up everthing off the floor and throwing it into MAsons room) I think he calls before he comes home b/c he secretly knows that I do this. . .and then plop down and act like I've been done for hours!!

I'll be back!!!

I'm BaaaaCkk!!!!!

Okay where do I begin?. . . How about I'll give the cliff notes and if anyone (readers/commenters) want to add anything feel free!!!

Start. . .

**Mr. Brosnan/Mr.Craig/ (held the metro court hostage for a briefcase of
Lorenzo's )
he ends up being Jax's brother, Jerry (the one that Lady Jane is always sending him after to bail out of trouble)

**Mr.Craig/Jerry injects
Nikolas with some kind of virus and has him and Robin (Scorpio) play some (twisted) love affair. that neither of them can tell there true love about (Emily and Patrick) or else he (Mr.Craig/Jerry) won't give him his daily/weekly injection of the antidote.
(Yeaaasssh!! The writer of GH deserve their Money!!!)

{I STILL don't understand what
his ulterior motive is in all of this}
**Elizabeth has the baby (Jason Morgans baby) and name him Jacob Martin (Emily is like "awe what a sweet name. . .how ever did you come up with that?" D U H !!!!) And Poor ol rehabbed Lucky is sitting over there with I'm just happy to be here face on.

**She has to have emergency surgery b/c she almost bleed to death. (can't explain this one either) but Jason (briefly) wants to step up and claim the baby
**I've always liked Sam but for some reason lately she is just getting on my nerves. She is doing this tv show called
EVERYDAY HEROES and the director Amelia is getting in her head (playing her friend but really setting her up to better her career)


**Ohh some chick shows up and demands to use Sonny's phone at him "business" and he basically is like "who are you to be rushing me to use MY phone" and Sonny's attorney Diane recognizes her as the Editor-in-Chief of some Couture magazine and is like "ohh Sonny everyone knows her. . .blah blah blah" anyhow basically this woman has been hiding her TRUE identity as a girl that grew up in Sonny's old neighborhood. . .ohh and she buys the house next to his and (while he is obviously trying to "spit his game") Sonny tells her he's gonna have her "arrested if she keeps flying her helicopter over his house"


Did I mention that
Lorenzo and Mr.C/Jerry are in ca-hoots (however you spell it)
Sonny is planning on "knocking off" Larenzo or maybe he tried. . .I didn't see todays GH but I will tonight at 10pm!! {Gotta love soapnet!!!} Rix is snooping around and Sky tipped of Jason to Lorenzo trying to leave the country. But Lorenzo did finally give back Lila Rae (however its spelled)


Next Week. . . .On General Hospital. . . Sam spills her guts to the wrong person—Amelia… Sam attempts to rattle Jason’s cage and watch his baby secret pop out… Sam envisions the two of them welcoming home their own baby, that way, they have a fighting chance to be together forever, despite Elizabeth’s trump card… Luke and Laura’s deep, dark secret hits Lulu like a ton of bricks… Sonny unnerves Spinelli by pumping him for info on what he knows, overheard… Ric gets his hands on Jason’s surefire doom… Carly has the power to turn Jerry in as Mr. Craig, yet hesitates… Nobody’s willing to connect Jerry as Mr. Craig, which enrages Mac… Carly and Jax protect Jerry… Jason can’t stand being between a rock and a hard place, wavering.

I hope it's not bad that I just kinda copied and pasted for this site. . .I LOVE you guys!!! I don't wanna be penalized!!!!!! EEEEK maybe I should erase and rephrase. . .NAH!!!

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  • thekirnancrib said...

    SWEET! ok I really have missed a lot... jax's brother and who is this amelia? gosh, I hope other readers watch GH too, I'd hate for you to do this just for me.... but then again i'd LOVE IT!!! thanks! :D