Hang them Diapers Girl!!

If your new to cloth diapering {like myself} You wanna try to figure out all the "tricks"!! Well I think this new cat taught an old dog some new tricks!!! GEEEZ ::slaps forehead:: I just sounded as lame as I could have ever possibly sounded!

ANYwho Me and Drea were on the phone yesterday and somehow got on the subject of wash day. In this case I'm talking about washing our cloth diapers, not just regular ol laundry.

["Hey Andrea are you doing your towels? Don't forget to add your fabric softener" I'm laughing~I hope you found the humor in that!!]

Well I think I asked her if she dried her diapers in the dryer. (yes she does) I told her how I hang mine. She (Obviously) ;-D thought it was a good idea! Because last night we were IMing about what our post was gonna be today and she sent me the link to a picture of all her diapers hung!!! HOW FUNNY!! I know what all of you are thinking . . . "I stole her post idea!!" I'm a dirty blog idea stealing diaper hangin momma!!! MWAHHHH HA HA HA HA I promise I wasn't gonna write about this or at least just a picture or two but Ya'll know how I run off on tangents.

So for all you experienced cloth diapering mommas out there. . .check out my invention. . . patent#0325032545132165432135464 ~L~O~L~

Close up of the diaper hanging
The "Pail" that I use (It really does hold all odors in!!)
Open "pail"
This particular trashcan has as thick black removable liner....I take it out and either spray Lysol
or Lemon Pinesol !!!(and then rinse out the pinesol of course)

Clints number one concern when we got cloth was too much upkeep and "the smell" of a nursing home! Well if I hadn't of told him he probably would have never known. But i do need a good wet bag.

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  • Drea said...

    You have incredible brain power! :-) Thanks for the idea.. it so worked!

  • Heidi said...

    What a terrific idea!!! I've been using cloth for my sons entire life (3 years in August) and have never thought of this.!! You deserve a patent!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!