Go Now.....Seriously!!

I'm sure as bloggers you've all heard about the bloggy giveaways going on right now.

I have to say I've started at the top and I'm committing my kids naptime till I get where I get! ;-)

BUT here is an awesome one that I just found on a very quirky *(ya'll know I love that)* moms page...
Desperately Seeking Sanity

(I hope she doesn't mind me copy and pasting)

The GIVEAWAY is for...if you’re looking to either start or move your blog, this is for you.

  • Domain registration for 1 year. (Domain name after that will be approx. $9.95 a year)
  • Assistance in choosing and purchasing the domain name
  • 1 Year of free hosting (hosting after that will be $15 a year)
  • Installation of Wordpress on your domain name
  • Installation and help choosing a theme for your new blog (this is NOT a custom design… if you’re looking for a custom design, I can point you in the direction… if you have a custom header already done, I CAN incorporate that into the theme)
  • Installation of 10 plugins of your choice
  • 2 hours of Q&A/training for your new blog (i wouldn’t just feed ya to the wolves ya know?)
  • Transfer of posts from blogger or typepad to the new blog
That is alot!
To’s what you need to do.
  • Leave a comment on this post before the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, April 27th (EST) and let her know what you hate about your current blogging platform.
  • Links back to this contest will grant you an additional entry… so link away!


I'd also head over to her friends Blog Simply His Blogger and sign up for a "veerrrry similar prize!"

I am so excited....they only have 20 comments thus far. I hope (for my own selfish sake of the odds) that it stays that low. Okay I don't. I want their blogs to get hits...

I'm so in!


As far as the kids go I went over to 5 Mintues for mom for their 2 weeks of Toy Giveaways! You have until Wednesday, May 7th at 5pm Eastern to leave a comment on the specific posts for the toys you would love to win. I have my eye on the Lego City set, Hasbro’s Martian Matter (Mason would love this!), the pink Easy Bake Oven Terri would LOVE one!), or the Step 2 Canopy Wagon.

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event

They aren’t kidding when they say they are having fourteen days of FUN! GOOOO!!

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  • Lisa B @ simply His said...

    I just had to pop over here and let you know your comment made me smile :D I hope you get traffic to your blog as well! Thanks for entering and for sharing a link with your readers!