I'm such a Copy Cat!!!

I got an email tonight from Drea. She had entered her two (adorable) little boys into a photo contest.

Here is her youngest Taite in the contest labeled "The Eyes say it all"
and Caleb in the contest labeled "Winning Smile"

NOW when I saw the contest for Eyes that say it all I couldn't help myself to enter that picture of Terri. Drea took it last year! SO I figured I could give her a hand (if I win) with some prize money! :-)
Then I went to the "Winning Smile"and thought about this picture of Terri....I COULD NOT RESIST! Andrea has me beat by far, I signed up waaaay to late!! (besides I voted for CALEBS picture anyway!)

If you don't vote for my little one...then go see who your choice is.

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up! :-D


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