Throwback Thursday

For all you dog lovers out there. . . .

(::ahem:: Jane)...heres a Throwback Thursday for you!

Deuce "Big Boi" 6 days old!!

Deuce "Bi Boi" 3monthsold

Deuce and Louie my lil dum dum!
January 2007 (DEUCE took his shirt off)

DEUCE!! 3 1/2 years old! Our pup pup!

Oh and I just wanted to let some of you mommas know that Baby Dagny is having some great end of (even though it isn't over yet!) summer sales!! The Seat Chiller Child Car Seat Cooler is on sale for $ 20.00!!! I said that right! 20 bucks! I just thought I'd let you know! Come to think of it I know a certain someone that just gave another blogger a 20 gift certificate...hmm...shoulda kept it huh? te he!

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