Thankful "Tackle it" Thursday

I am thankful for all of the wonderful people that send me things! Thank you! I have gotten some great stuff in the mail sense I've been a blogger. I love all my neat stuff! The other day I got a much expected and wanted package of BABYLEGS! Heather at Mom4Life has over 75 pairs of babylegs for sale...I counted...there is like 80 plus pairs! :-D I love them!! THANK YOU
SO much! You like the picture of Terri with her slanted little"I wasn't
ready eyes" don't ya! Also i want to thank the people over at Dripstick for sending Andrea
some dripsticks and I want to thank Andrea for giving me the DRIPSTICKS!

Also letting me borrow the bbo mei tai. Which I must add was a life saver today while I was TACKLING Masons' NASTY messy ROOM! Thus the tackle it THURSDAY!!! Mason, Nicholas and Jonathon did THIS to his room the other day.

AFTERWARD...Can anyone say Goodwill???

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  • Drea said...

    ::applause!!!:: WOOOo
    You wouldnt of even known that alligator thing existed! LOL
    Looks fantastic.
    And your welcome. Borrow the BBO for as long as you want. But I do want to sell it eventually ;-) maybe...

  • Kell Rees said...

    don't you just love the babylegs! I have a picture of caiden in them, i'm going to post it later today, too funny!
    We have way too many toys too. Every once in awhile i go through them and give to the goodwill but the pile just never seems togo down!

  • Stacey said...

    Wow!! Now that was a mess! Rowan's not much into toys, thankfully, and we've made it a point to not buy him toys all the time. He has a great imagination and everything he has turns into drumsticks or a guitar anyway, no matter what it looks like... for example... the arm of a potato head is now a guitar... who knew!

  • Wendy said...

    Nice mess! Looks like my house right now! We are in the process of switching bedrooms around so things are a bit unorganized right now! But we also have a hand me down pile, a goodwill pile, a craigslist pile, and an ebay pile! Hopefully those are gone soon:) Hooray for Mason's nice clean room! Hopefully it can stay that way!