Mom4Life Weekly Giveaway

Okay you people are SLACKERS! I posted last week that Mom4Life was having a giveaway and she only had 3 contestants! HOW SAD! Well maybe you didn't sign up b/c you didn't need a breastfeeding bonnet. You could have given it to someone! I would have given it to my pastors wife! Too adorable!

Okay you HAVE GOT to go check out the video posted on the Mom4Life blog.


There next contest will be a giveaway for MONKEY TOES!!They will giveaway three pair of super cute socks from Monkey Toes They are size 0-12Mainmonkey_2 months and you get the frog, pig and ladybug styles!!! I signed up...just because Terri has the little feet! I could make it work!?!? Nope? Okay then Amber will get a nice baby gift! ;-)

Nonetheless you HAVE got to go see how Heather choose the winner! All I'm gonna say is a second floor, cardboard, EGGS, an a camera make for a very ....(::ahem::never in my house) inventive way to choose a winner!

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  • Jessie said...

    OK, I entered this contest. She has wonderful products on her site and I loved how she picked the winner last time.

    Hope that you are doing well mama!