I signed up for PPP!!!!!

So I did it too! You all (I refrained from saying ya' was hard) knew it would come! A southern PayPerPost "Postie". I guess if you do PayPerPost you get the nickname of a Postie. Goodie! I have seen it for a while now. All over the place from mom blogs, to knitting blogs to scrapbooking blogs, okay alot of other blogs. How can I let them make all the money? I write everyday, why can I not spend an extra twenty minutes writing to get paid! I would love to make some extra money to, let cloth diapers, longies for the winter, funky t-shirts for both Mason and Terri Jade, and hopefully a few extra Christmas presents under our tree would be nice! Supposedly I'm gonna make quite a few new friends doing this...yay new friends! A completely new blog networkof people to read my pointless babbling. Yay! I've learned that I can make money by babbling! I guess I hadn't thought about that. Good more hits for the old daily check on the stat counter! te he! I love to babble...I could run off into a tangent now....ahhh life is good, make money to ramble. :-D

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