Tea for Tina (@2!!)

I was just invited to my first formal tea party.

A friend of mine from church, Tina just turned 40 Y0 and was given a beautiful party.

The table looked remarkable, food was perfect, the conversations and chance to meet so many new and wonderful women was the best of all!

I just hope that I don't go through food withdrawals now that I have left the party. I'm already missing that bean dip! OHH and the spinach dip. MMMMM!!!!

I will tell you that from 1:30 till 4:00 my HUSBAND took BOTH of the kids to WAL-MART anD McDONALDS BY HIMSELF!! To you mons out there that have the husbands that do this all the time...let me just say WOW! You are so lucky! I did NOT know what to do with myself! No rushing, no scrambling for sippy cups and bippys [Terris Pacfier] I came home to a sleeping 16 MO and a happy hubby. WHAT HAPPY?



A couple hours later he offers to flip a coin and take one of the kiddos WITH HIM to a birthday party. WHAT? WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IS MY CLINT? Ya think the Lord is convicting in him?

SOOO who did he take?


Now I know this isn't EVER typically in Clints nature to take the kids off my hands but I have had a HORRIBLE tooth ache for the past week and I think he feels a little bit sorry for me. How sweet is that?

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  • Wendy said...

    That's fabulous!! YAY Clint!! Enjoy every minute of it:) Maybe it's because Terri is getting older and not so much work.