Ever Been Bored Riding in the Car?

Andrea just sent me this picture. ::ahem:: I believe shes DONE with the ride! I could NOT imagine riding for 4 (?!?) hours with a 10 month old, wiggly 3YO and a BIRD NAMED FLIPPY!

I TOLD her that she should let Flippy "experience" a little nature!!!!! IF ONLY TO "STRETCH" HIS WINGS FOR FIVE MINUTES [hint hint wink wink] Sorry Cliff and Aura!!! Flippy would have been POKED with the knitting needles!!! :-P

WELL Good Luck Travis and Drea for the last hour of the ride!!

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  • Drea said...

    ow gosh u posted the picture! lol
    Doesnt it look like my lips have been injected with some sort filler? or I ate carrots and had an allergic reaction (my brothers allergic to carrots and thats what happens! its so funny looking! I cant but laugh)

    See ya soon!
    Flipp shut up after I smacked his cage about 6 times. still the boys only napped 30 minute.. out of 5 hours!!!