Look NO KIDS! HA! I love them babies but COME hour(+) wait is bad enough with 6 hungry adults but NO kids whining or running around OR UNDER THE TABLE!

I snapped this shot while we were waiting on our table.

L to R~~~>
Clint (the not to thrilled hubby) Doug (my not to thrilled FIL), Josepine (the owner of the restaurants SIL...we know them well), Joy (my MIL that laid out of work :-D), Joyce and Kelly (Clints uncle and Aunt)

and NO the empty chair with the HUGE ashtray in front of it ISNOT MINE! That would be my SMOKIN hot hubbies! [CIGARETTES = EW~]

The FOOD was worth the wait. At least they kept the appitzers coming while we were waiting! :-D We ended up picking up Terri after we were done eating. We just KNEW that she would wake up their whole house at her normal 1 am wake n cry!


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