LAST MINUTE costume changes for the kids!

YEP you heard kidlets had a mind change last minute last night. Terri was going to be the beautiful witch with the little tutu. Mason was going to be Spiderman ....again for the thrid year in a row.

THe day started off all wrong...missed naps, late appointments, forgot money for the grocery store and I let my grandmother in my car, need I say more? I should have expected my kids to be frazzled!

::big breath:: Oh but at least I got a picture of me in my cute lit'l black Cracker Barrel shirt I've had for three years and Have never been able to find on Halloween.

WHILE she should have been napping!

Click to enlarge and take in the MAJOR cuteness of "THE FACE"!!!

Then I took the kids for a walk (while they should have been napping I know I know) But here is ANOTHER of T baby looking cute and extremely ghetto w/ her hair all jacked up in her orange pumpkin shirt!! HERE is one of baby Kristopher looking pumpkinfied *(thats the term what you get when you have a extra fluffy baby in an orange shirt)*

SO the costumes...

I DID get the tutu on Terri but I kind of just wedged the hat in the stoller and left her in there. I NEVER took her out!! ha ha!! I walked up to the doors and said oh the baby is down there. ::giggling:: Everyone of course thought she was adorable~

MASON ON THE OTHER a hand me down "Scream" costume last minute from my 8YO cousin and HAD to wear it. UGH!!! I really don't wanna promote the goolish "evil" side of Halloween. But ya know what could I do? YES I could have said no, but he is still too young to know the evil. He just wanted it b/c it was his older cook cousins.

Here Ya Go~~~~>

I put a purple dress on Terri and a black long sleeved Old Navy top. PERFECT with the cool evening! Oh and a little fairy dust on her cheeks! :-) Mason was so JACKED up on candy by the 12th house we called it a night! We went to my best friends parents neighborhood. THEY HAVE THE BEST candy!! Oh and the decorations are awesome. Fog machines and hay rides. Those people sure do know how to spend their money! :-) Oh and some of them just leave huge buckets on their porch with FULL SIZED play Doh, Pop corn, and choose your own candy!! ♥ THAT!!

After Trick or Treating we went to my inlaws and Terri Jade was lovin up on her MaMa Joy and her PaPa Doug while her big brother ran some of that sugar off!


OHH THE FUNNIEST THING....Before we left our house a trick or treater came up and all I heard Clint say was "Dude what are you like 40?"

I nearly fell on the floor laughing! This boy was 11 and looked like he was in his twenties. He just started laughing! Whats up with that? People KEEP your teenagers HOME! I saw some young girls walking around looking like Hookers (NO REALLY that was their costumes)
and they couldn't have been 15 or 16 tops. These girls had as much cleavage as me when my milk came in. I felt sorry for their parents! TERRI WILL BE ON A SHORT LEASH!

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  • Jessie said...

    So cute! You look great Elizabeth and Terri's face is PRICELESS!

  • Wendy said...

    Wesley was a "scary" guy also:( I was so sad that he didn't want to be something cute! Terri looked adorable in her little outfit...even without the hat:)

    We had a ton of teens here also. We live on a dark dead end street so they are the only ones brave enough to come out. Michael has fun jumping out and making the tough boys scream like girls though!! LOL!!

    btw...Kristopher is ADORABLE!!

  • Drea said...

    Really cute pic of you and Terri :-) you like Brick 2!

    Our friend Kenneth said that he was at the house handing out candy... and was standing behind his 8 yr old daughter when this woman came up talking on a cell phone. He thought she was with the little kids in front.. like their mom or baby sitter... aunt, something... after those kids walked away the lady on the phone said "hey hang on a minute" put her phone down and then opened her bag and said "trick or treat!"
    LOL she didnt see Kenneth standing there since he was behind his daughter, behind the door... and said "1 piece" HAHA

    I mean grief!

    He said she was probably like 14 or 15... crazy!

  • Adventures In Babywearing said...

    That mask is scary! You are crazy! Also- you were comment 412 and won the Sassy Knit Handbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What color would you like? : )


  • VICTORIA said...

    My point exactly with my 12yo dtr. She did NOT trick or treat either. In costume shopping, and I mean intense costume shopping, she denied all I chose, then led me to sleazy red riding hood, etc...NOT HAVING IT! So, I told her, "No one wants a big kid like you,(she's my height at 5'2") walking up to thier door to say trick or treat!" And, she was upset with me, but really, I think once they hit 12/13, they need to be handing out the candy! She did tell me too, that a friend of hers Mother was letting her be a hooker for halloween...SICK SICK SICK!

  • VICTORIA said...

    LOVE your cracker barrel tee, so cute! You look so good in it!
    Also, looks like your Terri and my Leah had the same tighs on for halloween! lol. Leah did a last minute costume change on me, she decided she didn't want to be Lilo anymore, she wanted to be a pwincess, and so she wore an old sleeping beauty dress up dress! Didn't get a pic...I could never have Beau be scream, Leah wouldn't have been able to handle it.