The family (some of them at least!)

So I added more pictures to Terris birthday slide show
and here is some of the pictures that I captured while my brother, Christal and the kids were here.

Here is the video of Terri Jades' birthday song

I know you love Clints aunt Chrissies accent! Thats a good ol' Carolina
girl for sure!! "Ready go...." That hat really pissed her off...too bad
she has it for 5 more years! (you can change the numbers 1-5!!)
Can you hear Andreas son Caleb (about half way thru)
"Happie Birfdayyy to uuu"

Terris' birthday song should have been "It's my party I
can cry if I want too. . ." You have to watch to the end!!
Home girl was a HOT mess!! She was so emotional
Saturday. . .I'm gonna hate it when she gets bigger.
Terri just learned how to throw herself on the floor.
Its sad but Clint Mason and myself will laugh. If you
set her down while she's crying she will just throw
herself on the ground untill you came back(we don't)
and pick her up. DRAMA QUEEN!! I've got to get it on

Oh and I'm going to do a review tomorrow on . . .
A Customized Flower Headbands by Matica Designs
and on Wednesday I'll bragwrite all about my
new Mei Tai and how inexpensive they are and well made!

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  • Drea said...

    fix ur blog lol the video knocked the post way down, the tv is 2 big! i see my calebs.. awee poor terri.

  • Wendy said...

    Oh! Poor Terri!! I thought Lani was going to be like that, but she was the total opposite. Those will be fun videos to look back on though:)

  • thekirnancrib said...

    awww baby!!! at least she got her frosting :) still love all of your accents!!! if you heard mine you'd know why i love yours so much :)