Beach Trip 2OO7

We left for the beach on Saturday and got back last night. It was a short trip but it was much much needed. I haven't been anywhere this year. Except for the trip to my moms in January. We rode down with my in laws in their motor home and we stayed just a few miles away from the rest of Clints family. He couldn't go with us because he had some meetings on Monday and Yesterday but we kept him posted on all the fun. =-)

The kids rode in their car seats for about the first 45 minutes...until they realized that
I was up and moving around and then of course I opened Pandora's box. (I'm so weak) At first Mason crawled up on the couch and took a nap...and Terri just stayed on Grandma Joys lap...then we hit a Wal-Mart in Wadesboro about an hour away and LOADED UP! Clint gets it honest...he loves him some Wal-Mart just like his dad. We went in for disposable diapers and toothbrushes, then Doug told Mason to go with him to the toy section. (He had to get a new helicopter for his collection...Doug that is) He released Mason to go get what ever he wanted and Mason goes to the cheapo 88cent wall. What is wrong with that kid? He could have grabbed ANYTHING but all he wanted was some bubba teeth. Then we explained that Mason you can get WHATEVER YOU WANT {::big emphasis on anything::} then Mason said..."weally? can I have two bubba teeth?"::slaps forehead:: I give up. PaPa Doug went ahead and grabbed him some army men and that turned out to be a great idea. Little did they know that Mason would carry those bubba teeth with him to the bathroom, to the beach, pool, and even when he ate...every where.

So when we got there on Saturday evening we went to Aunt Pattys beach house which ended up being right across from Uncle Kelly. We ate the BEST pizza and wings...YUMMY! Kelly rented a house for the week and had no clue how close he would be to his sister. (right across the street) Which is perfect b/c we all stayed together the entire time anyways. Clints family does this trip to Ocean Isle once a year in August ...well for a long time. Its like a family tradition. My in laws used to stay in their condo at N.Mrytle but they sold it last year. (WAAAAAAHHHHH)

So anyways when we got ready to go the beach for the first time on Sunday morning guess who was grumpy and ready for a nap? Terri! Yep. I laid her down and no lie she took a two hour nap. In the mean time Mason had been abducted by Kelly and they both were being beat up by the ocean. After about a half an hour I noticed the cousins were missing. Clint has only two cousins on his dads side Heather and Christy (neither are married or have children). So Clint is the baby of the family with the only babies in the family. (Mason and Terri Jade.) So I go on a hunt for them. Of course my little leach follows me. Where do we find them? AT THE POOL! Yep Kellys house had a private pool and these girls and their guys had snuck off and left me with the SAND! Whats up with being a kid and LOVING the beach and being an adult and HATING the sand I mean it really stinks. I don't think Terri touched the sand the whole time we were there. So after about an hour I went to check on the great sleeping baby and she was still out. Before I left Kelly had came over and declared an oath that he was swearing off the beach and that his new home for the rest of the trip would be the pool. I am serious it was great. Perfect tempature ...jets going...a little shade....a privacy fence. Before I could go across the street to go get the baby I had to swear and LIE and tell everyone how horrible the pool was. IT DIDN'T WORK! :0) Before too long the whole gang was around the pool and thats where we stayed for the next few days. Mason had the best time in the pool. I think the adults had a great time TORMENTING the kids! Watch the end of the video where Mason swims and Terri slaps Uncle Kelly for Taking her Bippy (pacifier)!! SOrry the video is 5 minutes really is good! :-D

Ohh and I got home to a SUPER clean house...the house was clean when we left but CLint detailed the house. Fully dusted, windexed, clean sink, floors, bathroom, etc. I'm so proud of my big stupid. We missed him so much.

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  • Anonymous said...

    That's hilarious that Mason went for the 88cent rack! I would've gone for the most expensive thing! haha

  • Stam House said...

    Sound like you had fun!!!! Ps. GIrly I need your mailling adress!!!! send me a email!

  • Anonymous said...

    I was wondering where you have been. I had to wonder around and look for other blogs to make me laugh.

    You look red hot in that bikini momma!

    I love when Terri slapped your uncle too funny.

    Kimberly aka lurker aka big fan

  • Wendy said...

    Your trip looks like so much fun! I loved the video!!

  • Jessie said...

    Glad that you had a nice time on the beach err pool. Loved the video!