Paps then the dollar store!

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Sorry I kinda left everyone hanging for a few days!

Friday I took the kids to go visit Paps, and then I came home and rushed to pack. I got a phone call that morning that said to pack for the beach. You don't have to tell me twice. Mason and Terri always have fun when we go to visit Paps. (Clints 87YO grandpa) He is an ex. marine drill Sgt. I'm sure 40years ago he was tough. But now he just melts my heart. He is so sweet with the kids. He always has to find goodies to give the kids. He had a some spare change laying around so he gave it to Mason ans "Terri". We left and immediately hit up the $-store. Mason got a sword and some nasty squishy fake cut off ear...tongue .....hand and eye ball. EWWW! But they only rang up for a penny. He was so happy to have paid for it himself. Terri got some new pink shades.

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  • Drea said...

    The collage thing is fun. I saw it the other day myself. Just havent used it yet.
    Terri looks like her hair got longer! growing so fast.