Here come some contests!!!!

Steph over at adventures in babywearing is having a contest for Solarveil ring sling. She got hers from KimzKreations off ebay (yu can get some good stuff on there! ~My new Mei Tai!!). I think Andrea just ordered one or is talking about getting one. {I want one.} It protects baby (You spots;-D) from the UVA and UVB rays while keeping you cool. Supposedly (don't know never tried) the rings hold very well without having to be re-adjusted. Which is always a plus!! The tail also is long enough to drape over baby to give them extra protection.

The giveaway is from
Kim from KimzKreations for a Solarveil ring sling of your choice! You pick the color and the rings you want- a $40 value!

Pinks and Blues. . .Pinks and blues...let me go look @ what they're giving away(they always have the goodies!)...Summer Bling anyone? A retail value of
$530!!! So if you don't go sign up your a big fat dummy! Yea I'm name calling! You don't have to be a blogger just go leave a comment and add your favorite blog title!! THATS IT!!!

Oh and go to and sign up for this
$50 gift certificate from Kangaroodle!
I'm gonna go shopping (in my mind!!) right now!!
I really want... a Pink Dwink Juice Box Holder
I don't know they have some REALLY cute SLING patterns!!! (I've got the one from Andrea so I don't need one but it never hurts to look!)

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  • Drea said...

    Hey, I went to bed at 9pm last night lol. Thats why I wasnt on.
    I got a solarveil sling. Its yellow from
    I d ont have a contest though :-( but her slings are really inexpensive and nice! I love mine. She also makes c hildrens slings, im going to look into get one for Caleb.

    Oh and your Mei Tai came from AMYS Mei Tai's not KIMS :-)

  • pinks & blues girls said...

    Thanks for the shout-out! I think I literally have myself in like 10 contests right now. I've got to win SOMETHING, right!?!?

    Jane, P&B Girls