ANother great contest!!!!

Stephanie {over at Adventures in Babywearing} you HAVE to stop doing this to me!! What's with all the great contest?? Go to adventures in babywearing and for the next week you could win a $50 gift certificate to Vincent shoes. I went to the site and have already picked out a new pair for Mason and Terri Jade! Not like Terri needs more shoes.Wooo-Hooo!! Yes I immediately started looking at the little girls shoes first!! These are my favorites (so far) for Terri Jade and for Mason!
The Sams for Mason are a bit pricey. . .realistically my four year old doesn't need to even be in the same room with something that cost 60 bucks b/c for sure he will ruin it/them!!
They do have some cute stuff! I like their rain boots! Mason has a great pair of monster boots that I got at some boutique (way too big) two years ago and a pair of dinosaur boots but T baby doesn't have any yet...hmmm...given that she isn't quite walking yet but hey whats to say that she doesn't go from edging to jumping in puddles? IT COULD HAPPEN!!!

ohh and I also just signed up for a
Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band ( it fills in the gaps that those preggers belly causes! (before and after!lol) At the beginning, it helps you cover up your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants. Near the end it helps conceal your belly as your maternity shirts become too short. And then it helps get you back into your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes faster. I would love to give this to Amber...!! Hopefully she would send it on back IF I were to conceive anytime in the near future! ;-D

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