Don't forget!!!!!

Mom4Life is another one of their friday giveaways....go checkout the Hot Toddies Car Seat Cover for a toddler size car seat (blue dot). Retail value is $88.99! I would give mine to my new nephew DUE Sept. 5th!!!! I'm giving him Terris carseat....even though it isn't in bad shape it still needs a cover! SHoot I would use this for Mason or Terri if I could!!!

Andrea over at Fina Drea is giving away a FourPeas toddler backpacks. They are too cute... I'm loving the Blue Whale Toddler Backpack. So so cute! along w/ the monkey one on Dreas site!! cute cute cute!!

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  • Heather Ledeboer said...

    Thanks for the post! My contest "offically" ended Wed. night but I saw your late in the day post and decided to extend it until Thursday (today) at 11:30 AM PST just in case your readers still wanted in!:)