I had to post really quick . . .Terri just laid down for her midmorning nap and the babysitter (T.V.) is on. So I had a few minutes to jump on and check as few of my favorite site . . .

Ohh I hurt my arm BAD last night and I'm typing too slow so Stephanie forgive me for not RAVING on and ON about this great giveaway!!!!!

So she is having a contest for a $75.00 gift certificate toooooo . . .Mama Kanga!!!!!!

I've never been this particular site but man they have some rockin cute stuff.

I've already made my mamam kanga wishlist!!! Here it goes. . . .

I like the Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch Wrap- Aphrodite
ooooohhh ohhhh ohhh or the
BabyHawk :: BabyHawk Zinnia Bliss Chocolate Mei Tai

This would be the perfect excuse for me to finally get some baby legs!!
My favorites are (for Terri of course not Mason)

So go over and check out the contest!!! And of course SIGN UP!!!!!!

Ohh if you have a pacifier baby like myself they have these Bink Links.

How cute is that? I know!! I know!!!

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