Gross Story?!?!?

So Steph over at Adventures in babywearing wants a gross story huh? I have to make this quick...its after midnight on a Sunday (?) morning...Saturday night.

So Terri a few months ago got out of the bath and the Lil Tooters decided to crawl around instead of sit still so I could dig her out some clothes and a diaper....

I hear Mason scream that Terri has made a mess inhis room...I'm thinking pulled toys out or know where I'm going don't you? Yep SHE POOPED! I knew this when i saw her b/c she had it in her hair in her and. . ."near her MOUTH" ::GAG:: ::GAG::!!! you wanted grosser than gross didn't you? you got it!

Was it two weeks ago..Clint went to get Terri up from her nap...he screamed..she had taken off her poopey diaper and had smeared it everywhere!1 IT WAS ON HER CHEEK!! I have to stop...I wanna gag!~!!!!

Look I would love a Dirt Devil KONE, {cordless hand-vac} but I also NEVER wanna have to mention this again!! Well at least not untill I can use it as blackmail against her in her later years!

P.S. I grew up on a farm you want REALLY GROSS???? LOL!!!

Oh or what about the funky fish?. . .fish sandwich that is that I left under my set in my last vehicle...for two months! I thought something crawled inside my car and died! BEYOND ::gag:: flashbacks! the Onion...EW!!!!

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